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Why Many Sellers List With G26

We believe in challenging agents in performing at the highest levels

We choose to pay our agents the highest commission splits, therefore the best of agents work with us and you in return get the best service.

We believe in education and self improvement is a big part of our culture

Our agents are team players and work together as a group. When you choose to list with our agent, you choose to work with a group of professionals vs one individual agent. Its a team with over 100 licensees and the power of exposure you get, by far exceeds the norm.

Each agent gets an administrative support from a professional listing manager. The listing manager is in charge of the online marketing and advertising for every single listing specializing in social media, internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Every single Group 26 listing goes on more than 70 real estate websites to ensure maximum exposure. In addition our agents go through constant coaching sessions with a professional real estate coach as we are affiliated with the largest real estate coaching companies in the US. Rest assured, when you choose a Group 26 agent, you are in good hands.