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The Movement

We are a Real Estate Brokerage Movement created by agents for agents. 

Our Why:

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the real estate brokerage industry.
We believe the industry is outdated.
We believe the industry requires changes and adapt to the agents of today.
We believe agents deserve more.

Our How:

For agents – Creating innovative ways for agents to manage their business and maximize their time & profits.
For brokers – Creating innovative new ways to launch, run and develop real estate brokerage environments where the participating brokers can become owners and enjoy profits.

Why agents make more money with our company?

80/20 rule. 80% of what we do brings only 20% of the income we get and 20% of what we do brings 80% of the income. Therefore We focus on eliminating the unproductive side of the agents activities (the 80%) providing agents with full time closing manager (to help them close their deals with less paperwork, the manager process all their closings A-Z), a listing manager (managing the listing including marketing, mls submission, booking all the showing appointments, sending weekly updates and feedback etc). Now the agent has more time to focus on the productive side (20%) that makes them money: working with buyers, sellers and investors and marketing their business. Bottom line: Agents are closing more deals.

Some of our products:

  • Club100: 100% commission split programs
  • Network26: Agent Retirement Residual Program
  • Administrative support systems
  • Agent website solutions
  • Lead generation & marketing tools
  • SEO support
  • Business Management systems
  • Business development
  • Coaching and self development
  • Audio and video university
  • Online webinars and training classes
  • Industry coaching affiliations
  • Modern Fun Proactive Office Environment
  • Build Your Group
  • Investors Networking Events
  • Own your own office program
  • Leadership training & brokers positions

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