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How To Choose The Right Agent

There are many real estate agents who waste buyers time. 

Choosing the wrong agent can cost time and money!

Here are some of the qualities that separate the pros from the mediocre:

  • Pros have extensive real estate knowledge about the market, pricing, statistics etc.
  • Pros invest the necessary time to learn about your needs and qualifications. They ask a lot of qualifying questions.
  • Pros will always make sure you are pre-qualified for a mortgage before showing you properties.
  • Pros are affiliate with other professionals such as attorneys, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, title companies etc.
  • Pros help you find and buy foreclosures and approved short sales can easily save you thousands of dollars
  • Pros Expose you to local and national bank owned properties
  • Pros are always sharp and dressed professionally, neat, and organized
  • Pros are skilled top negotiators working for you to get you the best deal possible
  • Pros poses good communication skills
  • Pros are confident and prepared
  • Pros tailor services to your specific needs
  • Pros save you time and money
  • Pros are focused on your needs and not their own
  • Pros will never show you an unqualified property
  • Pros will make you feel comfortable and safe

When you feel like you want to refer the agent to everyone you know, you are working with the right person!