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Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose:

To create an ideal environment where real estate agents can be highly productive, positive and profitable. 

Our Mission:

Provide Real estate agents the highest levels of training, administrative support, production and culture to maximize full potential and focus on personal growth and financial freedom.

Group Twenty Six is designed to bring real estate agents to higher levels of professionalism and production with intense training system, Track26, one on one coaching affiliations, business planning, webinars & training program, full administrative support, marketing tools, lead generation system, co working office environment, and most importantly a lucrative bonus system and the highest commission structure in the industry.

Vision Statement:

On or before March 26, 2020, Group Twenty Six will become a real estate brokerage movement that will dominate the central and north NJ real estate market with over 1000 licensed real estate agents & brokers with the highest per person productivity statewide. Our premier commission product is called Club100.

Our annual sales volume will exceed 1.8 billion in sales with over 50 million in annual GCI with 40 million paid back to the agents while paying hundreds of agents participating in Network26: retirement program with over 2 million dollars in residuals.Network 26 retirement program is the most lucrative residual bonus program for real estate agents in the industry. Participants on different levels will be able to receive passive residuals and achieve financial independence on a full or part time basis while actively selling real estate.

Our main target market will be primarily mid to high level producers & real estate teams with 5 to 15+ deals annually. New agents will be able to join our Group Twenty Six through being introduced to Path26, a new agent training/career program where we direct agents based on their specific personality to the trainers/coaches that best fit their personality style to maximize the potential of their future success and ensure highest buyer and seller service. 

Every Group Twenty Six office will be formulated to built with the same exact look as the model office with an industrial modern feel, an open living room working area concept, modern colorful furniture, with areas for prospecting and using the computers. Our logo sign will be placed in the front of every office and our logo colors of green, gray, and black will be the paint colors within the office that define our unique office brand. There will be a Group Twenty Six operational guide & policy manual available in every office to ensure that each office is built to exact specifications and follows the guidelines for model behavior, culture, goals set for the model Group Twenty Six office. 

All Group Twenty Six agents have the privilege of using any other Group Twenty Six office location as their own as they will be welcomed to the location by the broker of that location. Office locations also have an open door culture to be available to be used by agents of other real estate brokerage brands as Group Twenty Six seeks to promote a teamwork culture and a happy positive working environment. Group Twenty Six believes in personal development and life coaching and will be participating & running office events monthly/quarterly/Live your life by design and holding our annual G26 Conference Event where we teach agents how to work hard and play harder. All Group Twenty Six events are open to agents, guests of agents, friends, and other real estate brokerage companies. 

Group Twenty Six is an evolving real estate brokerage movement that will seek to equip their agents with the latest real estate technology & tools to succeed in the business. As we will always focus on creating innovative solutions for real estate agents, we will constantly offer breakthrough financial and administrative tools and products to our agents as well. 

In addition, by 2020 we will launch our Project26: work 2 own & private licensing product for brokers and owners to operate and own their own Group 26 locations. Our Project26 product will guide and train brokers, step by step towards a successful, profitable, and sustainable office location, including administrative systems, tools, and financial support.